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Order A Dessert Tray Over The Holidays!


The holiday season is in full swing and family gatherings, office parties, work parties, and New Years, among other gatherings, are coming up quickly and you don't want to be left getting that last minute cheap dessert or dish from the grocery store. Impress your friends or family by having thought ahead and order one of our dessert trays!

Just give us a call at 780-467-377 and place your order. After that, the only thing we require is 48 hours notice to prepare your dessert tray so that you are guaranteed to have it in time for your holiday party! Our three desserts are Tiramisu, Death By Chocolate, and our Brownie.


Tiramisu will cost you $35.00 per 12 person portion tray.

Aptly described as “sophisticated sin”, our Tiramisu is made with three layers of light and spongey lady fingers that are dipped in espresso coffee (hence “pick me up”). Each layer is smothered in Italian mascarpone cream cheese and then topped with cocoa.


Death by Chocolate will also cost you $35.00 per 12 person portion.

The dessert first starts with a layer of chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of whip cream and finally a layer of Skor bar crumble to completely cover the whip cream. The process is then restarted and a second layer of all the previous ingredients is added. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


Chocolate Coconut Brownie costs $3.50 per serving.

A guilty pleasure – chocolate fudge brownies covered and filled with coconut shavings


And don't forget, after you're finished, a long long holiday nap is always in order!

Make sure to check our Facebook tomorrow, because we will be giving away our fourth Oil Kings tickets give away! See you then!

Holiday Traditions in Italy
Last week, we outlined some great holiday season ideas to do in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. This week, since we're all "Italian At Heart" we thought we could teach you what Italians do in their own country!

Italians kick off the holiday season on December 8, by decorating everything and anything and it's also when a lot of Italian Christmas markets start to go up.

This is Rome’s most famous market in Piazza Navona:


Decorations and huge Christmas trees can be found in main piazzas, like in front of the Colosseum or in Milan’s Piazza Duomo, and Babbo Natale (Father Christmas, the Italian version of Santa Claus) spreads holiday cheer.


The eight days before Christmas, also known as the Novena, are filled with carollers singing traditional songs around the neighbourhood. If you’re in Rome, southern Italy or Sicily, keep an eye out for the zampognari, or bagpipe players—they travel from the nearby mountains to play their merry folklore carols.


Presepi, which are nativity scenes, are displayed in churches and piazzas. Crafting these ornate works of art by hand remains an artisanal tradition in many parts of the country. Naples, a southern Italian city, is world-famous for their hand-made presepi, and still has whole streets with one workshop after another devoted to the craft.

On Christmas Eve, it is tradition to avoid meat and to have a "lean" meal. What usually happens is most families will indulge on multiple courses of fish.

On Christmas Day, after the "light" Christmas Eve dinner, Italians invite their family and friends for a large lunch that usually goes all day. Many save up to have the most lavish celebration possible, serving up traditional dishes like pasta in brodo (pasta in broth), roasts and sweet bread desserts like panettone.


Celebrations often extend into December 26 with the national holiday of Santo Stefano; families get together and eat leftover Christmas dishes and sweets.

The official end of the Christmas season, though, isn’t until January 6—the Day of the Epiphany, and the twelfth day of Christmas. On the eve of the Epiphany, families usually prepare a large dinner to mark the end of the holiday season.

When you exchange gifts completely depends on where you are from in Italy!

Ask an Italian when her family opens gifts, and it might give you a clue to where she’s from! Gifts are commonly exchanged on Christmas Day after lunch, but some smaller, northern Italian cities believe that the blind Saint Lucia brings gifts for children on December 13, so they open them that morning. Other families may wait until January 6, the Epiphany, when La Befana brings the gifts.

5 Things To Do Over The Holiday Season In Edmonton & The Park
The holiday season is here, a time we can enjoy with our families, take some time off, rest, and recover before a new year begins. There is, of course, always that desire to hibernate over the holiday season, away from cold, holed-up in your home and away from everyone. We wanted to give you a few reasons why you should get out and enjoy this magical time of year!


1) Legislature Light-up

The holiday season at the Legislature will kick off at 4pm tomorrow with a beautiful choral performance and end with the yearly lighting of the grounds. This year, the lighting will have over 300 glowing trees.

WHEN: Dec. 4 at 4 p.m.

WHERE: Alberta Legislature Grounds, Edmonton

COST: Free


2) CP Holiday Train

The CP Holiday Train is one of the most unique food bank fundraisers in North America. Over the three weeks of the program, musicians play more than 150 concerts from a boxcar turned into a travelling stage all across Canada.

To see the performers, visit here: br/
WHEN: Dec. 9, show starts at 8:15pm in Edmonton and 5:15pm in Josephburg

WHERE: 7935 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton OR Josephburg

COST: Attendees are encouraged to bring either a non-perishable food item or cash donation for the Edmonton Food Bank.



Come skate with Santa on Sunday. Enjoy free hot chocolate and Christmas treats too! Included with regular admission or with your Millennium Card.

WHEN: Sunday, December 14. 2-4pm

WHERE:Glen Alan Recreation Complex, Sherwood Park

COST: Regular admission fee.


4) Candy Cane Lane

No holiday season is complete without bringing your whole family through Candy Cane Lane to enjoy the wonderfully decorated homes in West Edmonton. This staple of Edmonton's holiday season has been running for over 40 years now!

WHEN: Dec. 14 - Jan 4th

WHERE: 148 Street between 100 Avenue to 92 Avenue, Edmonton

COST: FREE, but bringing something for the food drive is heavily encouraged.


5) Family Yoga!

Why not try something completely different from most holiday activities, get some exercise, and connect with your family! Seek Yoga's family yoga is open from ages 2 and up.

WHEN: Friday, December 19, 2014, 10 – 11am

WHERE: Colchester Community League, 23219 Twp Rd. 520, Sherwood Park

COST: Drop in $10.00

BONUS 6) Oil Kings Game & Dinner at Pasta Pantry!!!!!

As we've been telling you for the last two weeks, we're still giving away four tickets and a pre-game meal at Pasta Pantry every Friday until Christmas. Perfect for a family outing or a holiday gift!

WHEN: whenever you want!

COST: free!

Enjoy the holidays!

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