Saturday November 1
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305-101 Granada Blvd.
Sherwood Park, Alberta
The Chocolate Coconut Brownie
There has been an all-too-silent contender for the much thought after title of #1 best dessert in Sherwood Park: the Chocolate Coconut Brownie!


They say that the brownie is half cookie, half cake, but the brownie has long surpassed its dessert parents. We say that ours is half chocolate, half coconut, all brownie.

Being based on years of improvements in brownie technology and human ingenuity, our brownie is the culmination of those efforts! A guilty pleasure, this brownie is first baked to a perfect, fluffy consistency, then smothered in chocolate and filled with flavourful coconut shavings.


The only thing left for you to decide is: which is the best dessert in Sherwood Park? Our Chocolate Coconut Brownie, Death By Chocolate, or Tiramisu?

You be the judge.

An Italian Classic: Minestrone Soup.
A Margaret Satanove original recipe, the Minestrone soup is an old Italian classic. The soup dates back to before the Roman Empire, and with such a long history, it has been improved over a few thousand years until it reached Pasta Pantry. Once it got to the Pasta Pantry, it was, of course, perfected. So if seasonal vegetables and pasta in a delicious broth is what you're looking for, we highly suggest the minestrone.


We also serve the soup in a soup & salad combo for $11.95. It's a filling, yet light and healthy lunch.


One last tip: This soup cures EVERYTHING!

Family Matters: 10 and Under Never Ending Pasta


The life of a parent can be hectic when you're running between various sports practices, school events, your work, home life, and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes you don't have time to sit down and cook a healthy meal for your children. That is where the Pasta Pantry comes in. Dedicated to giving you "REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST," and trying to relieve some of that daily pressure, we offer any child 10 and under all you can eat pasta at $4.25 or $4.95 with a meatball.

We know how much family matters, because we're a family too.

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~When it comes to good food we're all Italian at heart~
Conveniently located in Sherwood Park. Call us for information on our Gluten Free options & Catering

Pasta Pantry & Trattoria

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