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The Always Fresh, Full-Flavour, Homemade Pasta Pantry Soups!


Our soups embody exactly what makes Pasta Pantry such a beloved Sherwood Park fixture: they're classic, timeless flavours homemade with fresh ingredients from top to bottom. Or in other words, they're "REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST." So let's take a look at our two soups!


Our Minestrone Soup has been with us since the dawn of time. It is a Margaret Satanove original recipe and is a spin on an old Italian classic. The soup is made of a mixture of seasonal, fresh vegetables in a perfectly seasoned and savoury broth. And we'll let you in on our little secret: IT CURES EVERYTHING!


Our Tomato Soup is the new kid on the block, having recently been added to our menu and joining our once solo Minestrone soup. Since it has been added, it has been met with an incredible amount of positive feed back and reviews from the Sherwood Park and Edmonton community. The soup itself is made with fresh tomatoes, herbs, spices, and an Italian cheese blend. It is garnished with our garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese. This soup may just be on its way to getting Rookie Of The Year.

Don't forget that our soups can be mixed and matched with both our pastas and salads.They are the perfect complete combo for only $11.95!

Now the only question remains: which will you choose? Let us know at @PastaPantry on Twitter!

Pasta Pantry Is Putting Meals On The Tables Of Those In Need
We're excited to announce that Pasta Pantry is helping children and their families fill their bellies and give them the strength to improve their health! We're teaming up with FC Edmonton and the Ronald McDonald House to put meals on the tables of families who need our help and we couldn't be happier about it!


A tragedy strikes a family and their child is stricken with a serious illness or injury. Often, this happens to a family that isn’t close to an appropriate hospital or medical service and they need to relocate their entire family to be near that facility for days, or weeks, or more! Not only is this morally devastating, but it can also be expensive for a family that drops everything, including work commitments. They still need to feed, clothe, and care for their entire family. What the Ronald McDonald House does is provide a place to stay and food to eat for more than 10,000 families a year at little to no cost to them. This allows the children to get the loving care they need from both the medical practitioners and their families in order to get well. However, the money for their accommodations, food, and everything else, has to come from somewhere. This is where Pasta Pantry comes in.

In a partnership with FC Edmonton, Pasta Pantry will be participating in “Goals for a Cause.” We will be providing a meal for the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton for each goal that FC Edmonton scores during the 2015 NASL regular season home games. A few select players from FC Edmonton will be hand delivering the the food to the Ronald McDonald. Hopefully fuelled by the power of “REAL FOOD, REAL FAST, REAL FRESH,” these children can get the strength the need to get healthier!

So, the next time you tune into an FC Edmonton, make sure to cheer extra hard for them to score, because not only will your favourite NASL team be putting points on the board, but they’ll also be putting food in the bellies of grieving families.

If you want to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House, or see how you can help, go here:

In The Community: Competitive Thread

For the better part of four years, we’ve been teamed up with Competitive Thread and have been providing the hockey program with their daily nutritional fuel through a lunch program. Our lunch program has quickly taken off amongst their players, with a starting rate just shy of a 50% buy-in, to a now near 100% buy in of all players. Obviously, our pasta fuel is giving them some kind of competitive edge!

Competitive Thread offers testing and development to emerging Albertan athletes and teams that is individualized to both single athletes and entire teams. This is not your standard private skill training session. Through their testing system, players are able to see measurable benchmarks and are able to identify their strengths and weakness and what they need to do to get to the next level in their athletic future. Competitive Thread also takes their testing scores and is able to compare them to their normative age group, size, and level to get a true evaluation for where they stand.

This type of objective measurable information is an invaluable resource for an athlete’s progression in their sport.

If you’re interested, they still have some room left in their up coming development camps, which you can learn more about on their BRAND NEW website here: - You can also add them on Twitter @comp_thread and their Facebook is CompetitiveThread

“Competitive thread, you dream, we show you how to get there."

If you are interested in the development side of the program, which we are proudly a sponsor of (along with KAL tire and Sherwood Ford), you can see their open availability here:

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~When it comes to good food we're all Italian at heart~
Conveniently located in Sherwood Park. Call us for information on our Gluten Free options & Catering

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