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Some New & Some Old Facts About Pasta Pantry

You already know how delicious the food is, how amazing our team is, and most importantly, that we have the best customers in the world, but what else do you know about Pasta Pantry? Here are some facts about the Pasta Pantry and we’re willing to bet there’s a couple you didn’t know! A few may even surprise you!


Pantry Pantry has been around for 22 years.


We make our sauces from scratch every single day.


Over a million pounds of pasta have been served and eaten in our store.


Pasta Pantry has been donating to the food bank for many, many years.


Pasta Pantry sponsors the Strathcona County Girls and Boys Club.


We also sponsor the Edmonton Oil Kings.


The restaurant has produced two marriages and one child!!


Just because we make pasta, doesn’t mean we can’t cater to vegetarians or celiacs. We have something for everyone :).


The Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce once awarded Pasta Pantry a business award for “long time service & legacy”. Thanks Sherwood Park!


Three cars have driven THROUGH the store! Three!


That our food is and always will be the epitome of "REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST".


We were named best pasta in Sherwood Park by Sherwood Park News' 2014 contest Best Eats In The Park!


Which didn't you know? Which did you? Any we didn't include that YOU know about the Pasta Pantry?

Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page! We would love to hear from you!

Thank You For All Your Support
We at the Pasta Pantry are constantly humbled and appreciative about the response we get from the online community and their continued support of our online activities. It keeps us motivated to keep bringing you the best pasta content on and off your plate.

Four years ago, we started the Facebook page and have been growing an online community around our modest restaurant ever since. It simply is shocking to see how large our little page is getting and the milestones we are quickly hitting.

Speaking of milestones, we just hit 5000 page likes!!!!!!


If you haven't already visited and liked our Facebook page, you can find it HERE.

Thank you for all your love and support!

10 Pasta Tips To Take Home

At the Pasta Pantry we make our pasta from scratch daily, but in the unfortunate event that you cannot get our pasta, and you are stuck with dried, store-bought pasta, we thought you could use some tips. So here are 10 tips you can take home with you to improve your daily pasta.

1) Generously salt your pasta water. Do not add salt to the sauce. Your salt water should taste almost like seawater.

2) Do not let your pasta dry off. Drain the water, but don't let it sit. It will start to stick together if you do.

3) Don't rinse your pasta after draining unless you are making cold pasta. The starch and salt on the cooked pasta is crucial to the flavour and richness of a good pasta.

4) Save the pasta water. Add a spoonful of it to your sauce after you have mixed the cooked pasta into it. This will help the sauce adhere to the cooked pasta and will improve each bite!

5) Read the water to pasta ratio on the box. It does matter. Having too much water increases the boiling point and can lead to the pasta being cooked too long and being overdone.

6) A perfectly cooked pasta is a little hard to the tooth. If it sticks to your gums, it is overdone.

7) Taste your pasta while it is cooking early and often. It is the only way to be sure.

8) Different sauces go with different pasta shapes. Longer pastas like capellini or spaghetti get thinner sauces and shorter pastas like penne go with thicker sauces.

9) Quality pasta matters. The best store-bought dried pasta is 100% durum wheat semolina.

10) ENJOY!

Alternatively, you can skip the whole process and come to the Pasta Pantry every day :)

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