Friday November 28
Today: 11 am - 8:00 pm

305-101 Granada Blvd.
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Secret Menu Items!


Feeling a little adventurous? Want to spice up your regular Pasta Pantry meal? Well, you're in luck! We're letting the cat out of the bag on two little-known secret menu items: the Meatball and Chicken Parmigiana Sandwiches!

You won't be able to eat at Pasta Pantry the same way after one of these sandwiches!


The meatball sandwich is simple: combine 2 or 3 of our giant homemade, hand-rolled meatballs on a wholewheat or white bun. Top it off with a little grated parmigiano cheese and the sauce of your choice and you have yourself the Meatball Sandwich!


The Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich is a veteran favourite. Order yourself a fresh, organic, never frozen, zero pump, 8oz chicken parmigiana breast. Follow that up a small Creamy Italian or Homemade Caesar Salad, your choice! Finally throw them together on a bun. The trick is to get a squeeze of salad dressing on one side for extra flavour!


Finish it all off with your choice of dessert and find a comfy place to take a nap!

Do you have any secret menu items you want to share? Let us know! We're dying to find out what some Pasta Pantry veterans have come up with!

Don't forget, this Friday is your first chance in five chances to win four Oil Kings tickets to the game of your choice and a pre-game dinner at Pasta Pantry. Keep your eyes peeled on both Twitter and Facebook to enter!

Oil Kings Giveaway Contest!


Love the Oil Kings? Love Pasta Pantry? Looking for a great Christmas present for your family and friends? We may have exactly what you're looking for!

Over the holiday season, we're giving you five chances to win four tickets to an Oil Kings game of your choice and a pre-game dinner at Pasta Pantry. Your last chance to win will be on Christmas Eve, which is perfectly timed for a great Christmas present for you and a few friends or family.

Full Contest Details:
On November 28th, December 5th, 12, 19th, and the 24th, we will be posting a open ended question on both Facebook and Twitter at 9am in the morning. Everyone who replies to the question on either Facebook or Twitter will be entered to win. At 4pm that same day, we will announce the week's winner of the four Oil Kings tickets to any game of your choosing and a pre-game dinner at Pasta Pantry.

So make sure to check either our Facebook HERE or our Twitter HERE next Friday!

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Pasta


There is a growing number of scientific studies proving that pasta and a pasta centric diet has some surprising health benefits! This is largely due to their low glycemic (blood sugar) index, which is made even lower when proteins, olive oil, or vegetables are added. Here are just a few of the surprising health benefits pasta offers:

1. Pasta can be beneficial for those with diabetes

A study published by Diabetes Care concluded grain-based foods (especially whole grain varieties) with a low glycemic index, such as pasta and oats, are beneficial for people with diabetes.

2. Pasta may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

A study from the Annals of Oncology reported that high glycemic index foods may increase the risk of breast cancer, while the intake of pasta, a low glycemic index food, seemed to have no influence.

3. Alzheimer’s and the Mediterranean diet.

Researchers concluded that following a mediterranean diet, in which pasta is one of the cornerstone foods, may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

4. Pasta meals with tomato-based sauces may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Lycopene, a potent antioxidant found in tomatoes, acts to repair damaged cells in the body. This positive effect of lycopene is thought to help prevent prostate cancer since the occurrence of the cancer is lower in men who frequently eat tomato products.

5. Pasta does not cause food cravings.

A study looking at the long-term changes in food cravings in a calorie-restricted research program suggested the cravings are actually for calories, not high carbonhydrate foods like pasta. What is commonly called "carbohydrate addiction" should rightly be relabeled calorie addiction.

For a few more health benefits, and for the scientific sources, read more HERE

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